About our Ministry

The History…

Over 15 years ago when this project began, there weren’t many interested in the idea of updating these works in color. However, we had a burden for the literature and felt the need to push ahead with or without support.

Today, we look back and see that the journey has been long and difficult, but we realize that God has definitely been leading us to this point. We are extremely grateful to God for allowing us the opportunity to take part in His work. All glory for this project goes to God!

Now, with our first pieces 100% finalized, we have made an unprecedented decision. Keeping in line with some of the ideas we had during a recent gathering, we have decided to initially provide these art pieces free of charge to anyone interested in using them. (Please note our terms and conditions.)

This site will contain HD (high definition) versions of all the charts for projector and PowerPoint applications. To obtain access to the high quality print files, please write us via our Contact page.